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how to play nfsu2 in tunggle

Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

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hello... oke guys to the point
1. open your tunngle need for speed undergraund 2 / NFSU2



2. open your game NFSU2
3. go to LAN


4. see there is sever room and select enter or continue!!.. if there is no room so no one online


5. connect to lobby


6. what game you want to play so going to filter and select your race you want to play circuite sprint drag drift or more!! so enter or continue.. after that there will be someone who has been creating games so select and join game or enter

7. if you want to be host room select create game select your race want to playing so enter so enter so waiting your friend and start race if ready!!

8. if you want to be host sever
- open game
- into LAN > continue
- select host LAN sever > enter your name > continue


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