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need for speed udergraund 2

Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

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hi bro . . . hOw're you..?!! my real name is ibnoe and name on game NFSU2 in tunngle or hamaci is wOng!! sorry my engLish is bad!!hehe
Are you a fan games Need for Speed ​​Underground 2? Or maybe you have this game? Then you really need this file to play. please read this article to completion.
ooo... right now I want to tell something about NFSU2 save game files!! are you already know??.. or don't know at all??
What race do you like? circuit sprint drag drift streetX URL or outrun?
Do you always win in the race or always lose?
I play in career always win the race but when playing online I always lose sometimes also win. I use setting cars have ecutn . . hehe you know ecutn??.. I think this car is very fast. and in the setting dyno is perfect.
in the racing body is not required but the required speed!!
you know corolla? of course you know!.. I think this car speed in circuite sprint streetX and URL or outrun but bad in drag and drift..! if drag I use nissan 240SX this car good in drag, if drift I use golf and hummer!!
now hummer.. hahaha what do you think??.. this car is monster and for have fun!! this car not speed but if you can setting the engine in the dyno tuning this car will be good on the drift!!
I have ALL save game! your car fast or Low? Don't embarrass yourself man...! let's make your car to be fast!!
Here I will give the file "savegame" free NFSU2 also how to use it.

free download file save game here

download hummer for have fun and for drift here

download video hummer drift here

download video drag nissan 240SX here

how do I put the savegame?
1. for windowsXP = C:\Documents and Settings\%username in computer%\Local Settings\Application Data\NFS Underground 2




2. for windos7 = C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\NFS Underground 2


oke guys...! thankyou so much for visiting on my blog! . . :) and I'm sorry"!! once again I apologize for my bad english!!.. enjoy and have fun and don't forget to comment...

>>> sorry . . . Loading procces! this download not working, wait for update this articels . . .
Thank you for visited me, Have a question ? Contact on : youremail@gmail.com.
Please leave your comment below. Thank you and hope you enjoyed...

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